There are Many CEO Groups.

Why Join the New England CEO Network?

 Member Owned and Operated

NECEO is independently owned by CEOs and operated for the benefit of our CEO members.  Other CEO groups can be full of misdirected incentives.  NECEO is by and for member success   Over time, member CEOs can become member-owners.

 Top Facilitator

NECEO’s current members hired Eric Turner as Managing Director for his  years of business experience, to guide the group. Read about Dr. Turner.

 Non-Competitive and Confidential

NECEO is 100% confidential. In addition, members are completely independent of each other – having no business relationship with one other. 
 CEOs Helping CEOs

We bring our experience from multiple CEO groups, including TEC and Vistage, which has helped us realize the value of regular discussion, challenges and support from our peers. 

 Monthly Meeting

Members meet once a month from 10 to 4. The schedule of meetings is pre-arranged, so you can plan ahead.
Is NECEO Right for You?

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