Membership in the 

New England CEO Group 

Offers You...

  • Confidential Peer Group

    Our group is focused on discussing topics that help us grow and manage our businesses more effectively and innovatively. We benefit from our peers’ collective experience and strategic insight, as well as the opportunity to set personal and professional goals and be held accountable for them. 

  • Professional Facilitator

    We chose our Managing Director, Eric Turner, for his business background and his ability to guide us through our meetings and help us delve into the pressing issues and challenges we face as CEOs. Read about our Managing Director, Eric Turner. 

  • Low Member Fees

    As a member owned and run organization, at $1,800 per quarter, our fees are much lower than other groups. The membership fee covers participation in the group, the cost of speakers, and a professional facilitator. 

  • Regular Monthly Meeting

    We attend a peer group meeting each month. Location rotates among members. 

At our monthly meetings, we balance the personal with the professional. What is said in the meeting room stays in the meeting room. We value confidentiality and strategic problem-solving, combined with a hands-on approach to the challenges we face running our businesses.

Topics include: how to grow, how to increase profitability, addressing personnel challenges, acquisitions, owner exit strategies, finance, accounting, how to stay current with technology / the role it plays in staying on the cutting edge of daily operations, dealing with seasonality in business, surviving unexpected downturns, building and sustaining company culture, other management / leadership issues.

“This is the most valuable day of my month”.

- Richard Walton, Member CEO